Articoli Scientifici

A Prospective Clinical and Radiographic Assessment of Platform-Switched Laser-Microchannel Implants Placed in Limited Interimplant Spaces

Myron Nevis, DDS1 – Sonia Leziy, DDS2 – Eric Kerr, DDS, MS3 – Ulrich Janke, DDS6 – Giulio Rasperini, DDS5 – James Hanratty, DDS6 – Kirk Pasquinelli, DDS7 – Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS8 – Cary A. Shapoff, DDS9 – David M. Kim, DDS, DMSc10

Clinical and radiographic outcome following immediate loading and delayed loading of single-tooth implants: Randomized clinical trial

Bjorn Gjelvold, DDS1,2 – Jeno Kisch, OD.h.c, DDS1 – Bruno Ramos Chrcanovic, DDS, MSc2 – Tomas Albrektsson, MD, PhD2,3 – Ann Wennerberg, DDS, PhD2

Influence of a Laser-Lok Surface on Immediate Functional Loading of Implants in Single-Tooth Replacement: Three-Year Results of a Prospective Randomized Clinical Study on Soft Tissue Response and Esthetics

Renzo Guarnieri, MD, DDS1 Maurizio Grande, DDS2 Stefano Illopiti, DDS3 Vincenzo Iorio-Siciliano, DDS, PhD4 Francesco Riccitiello, MD5/Davide Farronato, DDS, PhD6